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    Heritage buildings

    UHD owns 32 historical and old buildings in Strategic areas in the most prestigious areas of Alexandria in Raml and Manshiya “Salah Salem Street, Talaat Harb Street, Saad Zaghloul Street and Horriya Street”. These are units in buildings of outstanding architectural style that bear the historical nature of Alexandria.

    Mensha Agency – Al Manshiya
    • Mensha Agency is located in one of the biggest squares of Alexandria, Al Manshiya Square, formerly known as Al Qanassel Square, in the infamous commercial Manshiya Neighborhood. A beautiful garden centers the square with a big bronze statue of Mohamed Ali Pasha, Modern Egypt’s Founder.
    • Mensha Agency was designed by the Italian architect, Antonio Lashyak with Neopark design; the agency was then built by the Greek contractor, G. Zoro in 1885.
    • The agency overlooks two main streets, Nobar St and Sabaa Banat St, not to mention its listing in the Cultural Heritage Volume.
    • Mensha Agency consists of 8 interconnected four story buildings, with net area of 14000 Sqm.


    Property: Mensha Agency- Manshiya

    The eight buildings consist of:

    Four buildings overlooking Manshiya Square, No 11, 13, 15 and 17 Tahrir

    Two buildings 7 and 9 Nobar Street

    Building No 59 El Sabaa Banat Street

    Building No 50 Al Qaed Gawhar Street


    Salah Salem Street
    • Salah Salem St’s, formerly known as Sherif Pasha St, status as one of Alexandria’s main and vital streets, known as the banks and business street.
    • UHD owns 7 buildings in Salah Salem St , with net area of 18000 Sqm.
    • Due to historical value reflected in the unique architecture of these buildings, they are enlisted in the Cultural Heritage Volume.
    • They consist of basement, ground floor, three upper floors and roof.

    *UHD buildings No 5, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 &19 in Salah Salem Street

    Ahmed Orabi Street
    • Ahmed Orabi Street is one of the vital streets in Alexandria near to Al Manshiya Square, Raml Station and Courniche. It is one of the most important streets that includes leading furniture companies and exhibitions. It is bordered in the west by Manshia Square and in the east by Sezostrees Street and in the north by Salah Salem Street.
    • The company owns five buildings  in Ahmed Orabi Street.
    • The buildings are within the heritage volume and have unique architectural style.

    *UHD buildings No 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 in Ahmed Orabi Street

    Saad Zaghloul Street
    • Saad Zaghloul St is one of the vital streets in Alexandria in central Raml Station.
    • UHD owns 2 in Saad Zaghloul St, with net area of 3000 Sqm.
    • These buildings are enlisted in the Cultural Heritage Volume because of their unique architectural style.

    *UHD buildings No 24 and 26 in Saad Zaghloul Street

    Tariq Al Horriya
    • Tariq Al Horriya Street is near to Raml Station and Safiya Zaghloul Street in the Cinema Area, which is an extension of Abu Qir Street, one of the vital streets of Alexandria.
    • The company owns two buildings No 49 in Tariq Al Horriya Street in front and back.
    • Building 49 Tariq Al Horriya that consist of ground floor + 7 upper floors and Building No 49 Tariq Al Horriya at the back. It consists of ground floor + 6 upper floors.

    *UHD 2 buildings in Tariq Al Horriya Street No 49 at the front & back